Jaclyn has been designing spaces as long as she can remember.  At the age of 11, she salvaged a stack of expired Home Design magazines and began drawing all over the floor plans with improvements.
Never one for dolls, she instead created elaborate doll houses, her sister’s Barbie serving only as a scale figure with which to correctly proportion the furniture and doorways.
–And winter or summer, she ensured that there was no shortage of forts hidden in quiet corners of her family’s farmyard in rural Manitoba.

Fast forward several years to 2005;  she graduated from University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture with a Bachelor of Environmental Design (honours).

Within the next year, she got married to Matt, travelled Europe, and began designing kitchens and bathrooms in New Brunswick.

Now back in her home province to stay, she has chosen to focus on residential renovations because she enjoys the unique challenges that it brings.

No project requires more creativity and attention to detail than renovating an existing building. Constraints like plumbing stacks, bearing walls, and (especially) tight budgets, require her to be pushed creatively in every project.
A renovation is always custom. Every space, every situation is unique.

In addition to residential renovation projects, she has designed restaurants, transitional housing, and multi-unit condos.
Jaclyn’s designs have won several awards in the Manitoba Homebuilder’s Association Renovation of the Year Awards:

Campbell – 2009 gold kitchen

Wicklow – 2010 gold addition

Twain – 2010 gold kitchen

Dudley – 2009 gold basement

Hamilton meadows – 2010 gold bathroom

Tilstone – 2010 silver kitchen

Kingston Cres. – 2010 gold whole house

Cordova – 2010 silver bathroom